Advisory Committee

Who we are.

We are a diverse team of educators who are investing our time and energies in making this event a success.  With your support and attendance, we hope to spread the word and make an impact for all students in Washington State.  By participating in the Digital Equity & Inclusion Summit we hope you'll be able to return to your schools with renewed purpose and dedication to this cause.

Headshot of Todd Koren

Todd Koren

DirectorCustomer Technology ServicesEverett Public Schools
Speaking at the Summit

Kristin Leslie

DirectorSpecial Education Technology Center (SETC)Central Washington University
Speaking at the Summit
Headshot of Carol Mazzuca

Carol Mazzuca

Parent Advocate
Regional Sales ManagerOneScreen Solutions
Exhibitor at the Summit
Headshot of Fran McCarthy

Fran McCarthy

DirectorSpecial Programs & ServicesNorthwest Educational Service District 189
Headshot of Natalie Newman

Natalie Newman

DirectorErshig Assistive Technology Resource Center (EATRC)Western Washington University
Headshot of George Zhao

Dr. George Zhao

Assistant Professor of Instructional TechnologyElementary EducationWoodring College of EducationWestern Washington University
Headshot of Robert Pohl

Robert Pohl

VP, Strategy & School 604-0064
Headshot of Will Salazar

Will Salazar

Director, MarketingAdvanced Classroom Technologies
Headshot of Erica Starr

Erica Starr

School Success ManagerAdvanced Classroom Technologies

If you have questions or would like to contact us, we can be reached at:

Phone:  ‪(206) 659-6594‬


What we're doing to promote digital equity and inclusion.

The Digital Equity and Inclusive Learning Summit is a one-day learning event that showcases the achievement of teachers, principals, district and state leaders in creating learning experiences where students thrive.  It’s an opportunity for these leaders to engage in meaningful conversation on topics of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.  The Summit hopes to achieve stronger partnerships between Teaching & Learning, Special Education, and Technology teams as they learn together and return to their districts with renewed energy and excitement.  

Group of seated students watching female student writing on digital whiteboard while their teacher smiles.